Make A World Of Difference



Dalit Solidarity has always reached out to those living at the fringes of society, to encourage and help educate them.  As the second largest population on earth, India is home to one-third of all world poverty. Fighting issues like hunger, lack of clean water, disease, lack of education and lack of small business, Dalit Solidarity is strengthening families in India and spreading empowerment.

Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of impoverished families all over the world. Your contribution makes a world of difference.  Your donation is vital for the continued success of our children. With your help, they will go on to be agents of change, pioneering new futures for themselves, their families and communities

Educate A Child

half of india’s children between 6 and 14 do not attend school


Dignity Of Sponsorship

With the second-largest population on Earth, India is home to one-third of all world poverty. The United Nations says that one third of the world’s extreme poor — people who earn less than $1 a day — live in India but we need your help. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of India’s poor.

Most Dalit Children

  • Live on less than a dollar per day
  • Suffer from malnutrition
  • Have no sanitation facilities in their homes
  • Do not attend school after 5th grade

Why Sponsor A Dalit Child?

  • Dalit Solidarity Child Sponsorship program changes the lives of many children every year. Our vision of creating a better world for our children works on the simple yet powerful principle that the best way to change the life of a needy child is to change the world in which he/she lives!
  • Child sponsorship creates a network of partners, who in the long-term help build a self-reliant and sustainable community that brings out the best in every child.
  • By sponsoring a Dalit child, you are effectively giving him or her a life-changing opportunity – a future with real prospects away from poverty and oppression